Records Reproduction Fees

Assessment Maps

Thematic Color Maps

Map Size
‘A’ size approximately 8.5” x 11” $6.25
‘B’ size approximately 11” x 17” $8.75
‘C’ size approximately 17" x 22” $12.50
‘D’ size approximately 22" x 34" $15.50
‘E’ size approximately 34" x 44" $18.75


Map Size
‘A’ size $2.00
‘B’ size $2.50
‘C’ size $3.75
‘D’ size $4.50
‘E’ size $5.50

Ownership Radius Report (Certified)

Report Pages
Setup fee (includes up to 20 pages) $25.00
Per page (in excess of 20 pages) $0.25

Real Property Ownership Display

Display Fee
Each Ownership Display $0.25
Homeowner’s Place of Residence - Ownership Display Free Free

Copies / Computer Screen Prints

Prints Fee
Per Copy

Computer Generated Reports

Standard Ownership Report
Custom Ownership Report: ($50 Hourly Rate)
Setup Fee
N/A Minimum $50.00
Per Printout (up to 200 pages) $100.00 $0.10
Per Additional Page (in excess of 200 pages) $25.00 $0.10
Note: Orders for custom ownership reports or ownership radius reports are subject to a setup fee due at the time of request.

Assessment Data

Orders for Custom Data Are Subject to a Setup Fee Due at the Time of Request
Assessment Roll, Comparable Sales File & Ownership File USB drive
Complete Assessment Roll $50.00
Comparable Sales File
Ownership File
Property Photos and Sketches $50.00
Addition or Quarter Section ($50 hourly rate) Minimum $50.00
Custom Data Setup Fee
(Single Spreadsheet or DVD or CD-ROM (per DVD or CD-ROM))
Minimum $50.00

Complete Assessment Roll

The Complete Assessment Roll is contained on seven files copied to a single USB drive. The files contain current information for all types of accounts, Real Estate, Personal Property and State Assessed. The "Complete Assessment Roll" data can be provided as a SQL Server Backup or pipe delimited ASCII. The format of this data is standard and will not be modified.

Ownership File

The Ownership File can be provided as a Microsoft Access Database or comma delimited ASCII text. If a specific format is not requested, the data will be comma delimited ASCII text. The data will contain the County Assessor's account number, parcel number, account type, current owner name and mailing address and physical location of the property (physical location is not available on all accounts). Only Real Estate (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Exempt and Public Service) accounts are included. The format of this data is standard and will not be modified.

Comparable Sales File

The Comparable Sales File will be provided as pipe delimited ASCII.  The format of this data is standard and will not be modified.

Property Photos & Sketches

The Property photos and sketches will only be available through a customer provided external hard drive with a storage capacity of at least 250 gigabytes. All necessary power cords and connecting cables must also accompany the external hard drive. The County will not assume any liability of the provided hardware and no warranty is expressed or implied. All images will be provided in the .jpg format with no other conversion options. This is a compressed image format standardized by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG); commonly used for storing digital photos supporting up to 24-bit color.

Data Formats

All other data will be provided as comma delimited ASCII text. Record layouts will be contained on the DVD or CD-ROM in a PDF format.

GIS Digital Data

Orders for GIS Data Are Subject to a $25.00 Setup Fee Due at the Time of Request
Data Section
Digital Maps: ($50 Hourly Rate) Color Digital Aerials: ($50 Hourly Rate)
Entire County Minimum $50.00
Minimum $50.00
Township $25.00 $25.00
Single Section
$25.00 $25.00
Note: Digital Maps are in *.gdb or Geodatabase format. Digital Aerials are in Mr. Sid format.

Contact Us

Please contact Bryan Hutchens in the Oklahoma County Assessor's Office at 405-713-1247 prior to ordering pictures or sketches to find out the directory structure and naming convention for the files.