Solid Data Report

Geographic Information Systems

GIS or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has become a reality in our office. The initial base maps are complete, covering all 720 square miles of Oklahoma County. We are now maintaining and constantly updating new plats, sub-divisions and parcel splits into our digital maps. A new law took effect this year requiring developers to submit digital plats or sub-divisions in State Plane coordinates, this will help streamline the process of integrating these plats with our existing digital maps.

Computer Automated Mass Appraisal System

We can now connect with our CAMA (Computer Automated Mass Appraisal) system. We are able to retrieve data from the parcel or account number as you view the map on the same screen. We are also able to search the data on the CAMA system and produce the information on a map. This can now be done both internally and on our GIS website.

Color Digital Aerial Photographs

We also have new color digital aerial photographs, some of the most accurate aerial photographs available, for all of Oklahoma County which were taken in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. We can overlay the digital maps on the color aerials to help determine improvements to the property, land use, and other important changes. The file formats consist of the original TIF's as well as the converted Mr. SID files including one large mosaic SID file of the entire county.
Bricktown Aerial

GIS Website

Our mapping website features the digital maps and color aerial photos. Searches can be performed by owner name, physical address, or account number. Centerline data was also added to search by street intersection. We will also be able to identify owners by buffer zones, like the 300 foot radius to notify property owners required for zoning changes. We also have school districts, city boundaries, political districts as well as flood plain and contour data. Queries can be made by owner name, legal description, physical address, or account number. Centerline data is also available to query by street intersection. Upgrades to this site will be made on a continuous basis.
GIS Map Example