County Assessor Job

What is the Job of the County Assessor?

The county assessor is responsible for the following:
  • Lists and maintains records on each piece of taxable real and personal property in Oklahoma County. Real property includes land and buildings. Personal Property includes business furniture and fixtures, business equipment, business inventory, farm equipment, and manufactured homes. The Oklahoma County Assessor is responsible for the equitable assessment of all taxable properties in Oklahoma County. Individual parcels now number close to 300,000 and cover an area of 720 square miles. An unprecedented amount of this information is now being made available in a variety of formats. Please follow this shortcut to view the Assessors Records Reproduction Policy. View our Records Reproduction Policy page.
  • Determines fair market value annually for homes, businesses and other taxable property in Oklahoma County. Fair market value may go up or down depending on the real estate market in the county.
  • Is your property subject to the 3% or 5% limitation also known as "Capped" Value? Find out more how properties are "capped" regarding taxable market value changes on our Limitations page.
  • Notifies property owners of any increase in the fair market value of their property.
  • Assists taxpayers in filing Homestead Exemption and affidavits for property that is exempt under Oklahoma law.
  • Resolves questions or protests about valuation.
  • Preparation and certification of the assessment and tax rolls.
  • Appears before the County Board of Equalization.