State Property Tax Rankings

Oklahoma Ranks 47th Lowest in Property Taxes

Only Mississippi, Alaska, and Alabama are lower....see story below
What about the notion of relocating to take advantage of lower taxes in other states? Although it's not for everyone, it appears that a growing number of people, particularly the wealthy, are doing just that. According to a 2006 article in Barron's, large numbers of taxpayers are moving from high-tax states to those with lower taxes. One of the big motivators is that 18 states and the District of Columbia have recently implemented significant estate taxes. Angered by high state and local taxes, residents of the Northeast are fleeing to Florida - and not just for the sunnier weather. Florida has no income tax and no estate tax. Highly taxed Californians are making tracks to places such as Arizona and Nevada in record numbers.

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In America, voting with one's feet remains a viable form of tax protest. But Alaska, despite its low taxes, probably won't witness any mass migrations from the lower 48 anytime soon. Unless you're talking about flocks of birds.

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