Additional Homestead Exemption

If you are head of household and qualify for homestead exemption, you may also qualify for additional homestead. You may receive an additional $1,000 assessment exemption if the gross household income from all sources did not exceed $20,000 for the past calendar year.
You may file for additional homestead between January 1 and March 15 or within thirty (30) days from and after receipt by the  taxpayer of notice of valuation increase, whichever is later. There is a simple form on income that you will fill out as part of your application.    Click here to download.  If you are 65 or older as of March 15 of the filing period and presently qualify for additional homestead, you will not have to renew the additional homestead annually. However, it will be the responsibility of the taxpayer to notify the Assessor’s office if your income exceeds $20,000. 

"Gross household income" is defined in 68 O.S. Section 2890 as used in this section means "the gross amount of income of every type, regardless of the source, received by ALL PERSONS occupying the same household, whether such income was taxable or nontaxable for Federal or State income tax purposes, including pensions, annuities, federal social security, unemployment payments, public assistance payments, alimony, support money, workmen's compensation, loss of time insurance payments, capital gains and any other type of income received; excluding gifts. The applicant may be required to provide sufficient proof to substantiate the validity of the income statement.  The term "gross household income" shall not include any veterans' disability compensation payments.

"Head-of-household" is defined in 68 O.S. Section 2890 as "a person who as owner or joint owner maintains a home and furnishes support for said home furnishings, and other material necessities."

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