Mass Appraisal Methodology

(O.S. §, Title 68. Revenue and Taxation, Chapter 1 - Tax Codes, Article 28 - Article 28 - Advalorem Tax Code, Section 2829)
A. Each county assessor, in order to comply with the provisions of Section 17 of this act requiring the annual valuation of all taxable real and personal property within the county, shall establish the fair cash value of such taxable property using an accepted mass appraisal methodology.

B. For purposes of this section "accepted mass appraisal methodology" shall mean the process for making estimates of fair cash value for a property about which no direct or timely information is available concerning economic value by using known information about the property characteristics, location, use, size, sales price and other information of similar properties. Such mass appraisal methodology may include multiple regression analysis or other statistical techniques for mass appraisal. If information of similar properties is not available in the taxing jurisdiction, the county assessor may use other applicable regional or national information to annually determine the fair cash value of a property estimated at the price it would bring at a fair voluntary sale as provided in Section 17 of this act.

C. Each county assessor shall utilize the information gathered from the visual inspection of real property conducted during each year of the four-year cycle for such inspections and shall conduct such statistical calculations using the data so acquired together with sales price or other information available as may be required to make accurate estimates of fair cash values for all taxable real or personal property within the county each year. The results of such calculations shall be recorded on the assessment roll of the county on an annual basis in order to reflect any increase or decrease in the fair cash value of any property in any year.

D. The statistical analysis required by this section shall be performed within each county using such computer facilities as may be available, but shall be conducted in accordance with procedures established for the uniform mass appraisal program established by the Oklahoma Tax Commission.