Larry Stein, Oklahoma County Assessor



​Larry Stein began his career in journalism in high school and earned national and regional awards for his work. Those awards include the prestigious National Press Club Award for Consumer Journalism and two ADDY awards for photography and advertising. Hired by former Assessor Mike Means, Larry has been part of the team helping implement and promote the assessor’s office conversion from paper to computerized records. For more than 17 years Larry has been the Chief Deputy working on all aspects of the office and budgeting for all the offices and services funded in Oklahoma County. His experience includes balancing 17 budgets, technology purchases and interfacing with vendors, being involved with legal issues, the District Attorney’s Office, being a liaison with the other elected and appointed officers, hiring and personnel issues.


​ In order to be certified and accredited to determine values of property, a member of the assessor’s staff must pass seven, week long classes. The classes include assessing the value of all different types of property and using the best way to determine the value based on cost, sales or income. During his time at the assessor’s office Larry has dealt with hundreds of property owners and dozens of groups answering questions about their property and has met with lawyers representing large and small companies to help resolve issues regarding evaluation and value of property. During his tenure, Larry has worked with the legislature to pass Resolutions overwhelmingly passed by voters to reduce assessments and property taxes for senior citizens and completely eliminate property taxes for 100% disabled veterans. During the last legislative session Larry was responsible for helping pass uniform language for all 77 assessors in Oklahoma, a project that took more than six years to accomplish at the legislature. Larry has written articles about property valuation and assessment issues for local, state and international publications. His communications presentations to local, state and international businesses and groups are designed to help train people to communicate effectively with the public and the media.


​ During the advances made on the assessor’s website, the office has earned international awards for providing access to property records from the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). In addition Oklahoma County earned a First Place Award for a video showing how the 1800’s Raster Maps could be overlaid on today’s aerial images to locate the original and lost tracks of the Chisholm Trail in Oklahoma County. Larry has also made live presentations to more than a hundred groups explaining how the assessor’s website can be used and providing those attending the events additional information about tools on the site to perform their real estate jobs or how a neighborhood might be able to create a neighborhood watch to fight crime and promote stable markets for housing.


​ Larry grew up in Midwest City in a military family. He attended Midwest City public schools and graduated from Rose State College and the University of Oklahoma where he earned an Athletic Letter for his performance on the University of Oklahoma Fencing Team. He was the Capitol News Bureau Chief for KTOK RADIO and the Oklahoma News Network and hosted a statewide broadcast on the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority about each week’s events at the legislature called, “Capitol Press Report”. Larry has had his own radio talk show and produced hundreds of hours of live radio and is a regular guest on radio stations and sometimes a fill-in host. Larry lives in Edmond where he is active in groups promoting good neighborhoods, he has three adult children and three grandchildren.