I just purchased my property, why have you valued it for more than I paid for it?
There are numerous types of sales occurring throughout the county. Some of which are less than market as well as some more than market. Market value must be viewed as a willing buyer and willing seller without any undue pressure to buy or sell. For example if an individual is transferred from the county or inherits property, they may choose to sell below the market to rid themselves of the burden of trying to maintain two households.

On the other hand one might choose to purchase a home above the indicated market value for reasons such as location to ones employment, relatives, schools and fondness of the overall structure and layout of the property. These, along with other sales that have occurred in the neighborhood, must be considered. We determine what the majority of similar properties are selling for, in that neighborhood, and apply those findings in terms of market value.

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1. I just purchased my property, why have you valued it for more than I paid for it?
2. How can my property be worth more if I haven’t done anything to it?
3. Why should I be penalized for somebody else paying a high price for a home in my neighborhood?
4. I have an older home in an area where they are building new homes. How will this affect my property value?
5. If you didn’t increase my market value, why did my taxes increase?
6. Do you visit each home in the county?
7. What if I think the value placed on my property is wrong?
8. How can my property increase in value if it is getting older?
9. Will my value increase every year?