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1. Who is required to file a Business Statement of Assets (form 901)?
2. Why do I have to file?
3. What are the due dates for filing the Business Statement of Assets (form 901)?
4. Can our company file for an extension?
5. How does a taxpayer file a Business Statement of Assets (form 901)?
6. What if a Business Statement of Assets is not filed?
7. How can I obtain this form?
8. What if I received two 901 forms, or two assessment notices?
9. I have two or more business locations, may I render one 901 form?
10. What if I have no assets to report?
11. What if the business has sold or closed?
12. Is depreciation allowed on furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment, computer equipment and leasehold improvements?
13. Do I have to report assets that I lease, loan, rent, borrow or are provided as part of the rent?
14. Are licensed vehicles, automobiles, trucks, etc. to be included on this form?
15. Do I have a chance to correct a mistake or protest the valuation of my business?
16. What if I have old equipment that has been fully depreciated and written off the books?
17. What if I buy or sell an existing business during the year? Who is responsible for the taxes?
18. If I close my business in the middle of the year, can the taxes be prorated?
19. What if I have closed my business, but still own the assets?